Vertical Lift Two post-Pillar Pnuematic Screen Printing Press

Why EASIPRINT P Series Flat Pnuematic Screen Printing Machine


  •  Less space required.
  • Screen runs vertically to keep ink on screen no flowing.
  • Easy for squeegee, coater & screen replacement as well as screen cleaning.
  • Max. Printing speed: 800 per hr.
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel top.
  • Vacuum bed is drilled 1.1 mm
  • High-volume vacuum system
  • Control panel is easy to navigate, with programming and prompts in plain language.
  • Digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics.
  • Flood/non-flood setting allows screens to be flooded or left un flooded after each print cycle.
  • Hands-free single-cycle printing, and for vacuum control of hard-to-feed substrates
  • Cycle interruption with foot start switch.
  • Multiple print capability
  • Adjustable, tool-free front and rear sensors for squeegee stroke length on adjustment.
  • Shock absorber to eliminate the shock from printing movement.
  • Pneumatic squeegee / flood pressure adjustment.
  • Bed movement for registration.
  • Adjustable peel off height & speed of peel-off.
  • Safety plate and emergency stop push button for safety operation.
  • One-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Microprocessor self diagnostic system on each machine.


Maximum Printing Area150mm ×150 mmPlaten:Component MakeProcess
Frame Size450 mm x 450mm x 20 mmplaten size300mm × 300mm ×40 mm which Laser/ Cut M.S. frame/
is compatible to standard vacuum pumpTIG welded Aluminium Bar frame
plus grinding ± 0.020mm
4 point lock air cylinderVacuum:
Frame fixation: Vacuum chunk with pumpSMC JapanExtruted Aluminium (section for
short stroke compact cylinderperfect holding with pivot adjsutment
Frame alignment system:Pusher and Adjusting screw
for x-axis and y-axis
Screen alignment amountXY= ±3mm and angle=±1o Chunk area:300 mm×300 mm, suction hole 1.5 mm,
pitch 10mm
Repetition accuracy Platen/Frame positioning±10µmPlaten travelling direction:Near and far side
Linear guideways with timing belt system
Distance between screen and Platen0.25mm ~ 10mm (0.25 step size)Platen Stroke: 500 mmNumerical/ mechanical encoderFour point adjustment
Table Flatness:0.020mmPlaten Speed:200mm/saluminium casted with S.S. Top duly machined
Parallelism between squeeze and Table:0.020mm
DU Bush guide with centre position knob
Parallelism between squeeze and Screen Frame: 0.020mm
Squeeze Head:
Squeeze head speed: 10 ~ 300 mm/s with numeric input10 ~ 300 mm/s with numeric input
Squeeze Stroke:20 ~ 210 mm with numeric input
Printing Pressure:0.1 ~ 0.5 MPa (Adjusted by Air pressure) Digital Display/no-back pressureSMC digital Read out
Squeeze Angle:50 – 90o
Printing mode:Single Print and Multiple prints (Custom delay Time: 0 to 100sec in step of 0.5 sec) PLC - Coloured Touch screen Control panel
Power supplySingle phase / 3 phase 220V - 420V
Circuit connection15 AMP. Plug socket
Air Consumption14 l/Min
Working Space requirement30Sq Ft ( 3 Sq meter)
Air Compressor3 HP
Control Panelwith self diagnostic system
Turbine Blower0.5 HP

Other:    Dust proof cover for printing part.

  • Touch panel is Preferable for numeric input for Speed/stroke/time/delay
  • Emergency Stop switch
  • Abnormal state Display
  • Four point adjusted feet
  • Distance between screen and platen 0.25 mm ≈10 mm (0.25 mm step size ) with a precision mechanical screw system
  • Separate squeegee holders with different squeegee angles
  • Printing Mode: Single print and multiple prints (custome delay time 0-100 sec in step of 0.5 sec)
  • Machine has to come with in – built levelling mechanism to ensure level installation e.g levelling feet
  • Abnormal state display on screen with trouble shooting steps
  • Third party parts have to from internationally recongnised manufacturers adhering to corresponding international quality standards
  • Noise level will not exceed 60 dB
  • training for Flexi personnel will be provided
  • Necessory accessories and spare parts will be provided with the machine
  • Operation Manual , maintainenece manual and safety instructions in english has to be provided with themachine

Safety Measures

  • Safety Bar with inductive proximity Sensor
  • Emergency Stop
  • Safety Light Bar
  • Machine Reading or interupption alarm with Tower light

Pnuematic Screen Printing Machine