Conveyorized Dryer system

FASDRY Conveyorized Dryer is ideally suited for drying Solvent, Water based & Plastisol Inks

Conveyorised Dryer for screen Printing machines

This Dryer is used where ink is applied by screen Printing Machines or any Printing Technology Process on Glass, Textiles, PVC  or telecommunication products

This commercial grade Conveyorized IR non-contact sensing oven operates with an accuracy of 1°C ideally Suited for Automotive Glass Industry.

This Equipment is a High speed conveyorised Energy efficient drying solution. Which uses radiation as the heat transfer mechanism hence helps in overcoming Under Curing of Inks during Print Runs,

The System Evacuates the toxic fumes trapped in the heating zone with minimal loss of heat in the heating chamber thus making the product Durable.

This Industrial Grade system comes in six different widths namely 10 inches, 16 inches, 25 Inches,32 Inches,45 Inches & 52 Inches.

The Dryer gives consistent temperature in the heating chamber maintaining the required temperature during the Print Cycle Runs thus Reducing Electricity bills

Smaller heating Modules help in saving space


  • Infrared radiant panel array.
  • Radiant panels are height adjustable.
  • Convection heat with finned SS heaters
  • Adjustable air displacement and evacuation systems
  • Exhaust blower on Vacuum bed evacuates heat, fumes.
  • After the dryer has been turned off, the blowers and belt will continue to run until
    the heat chamber has cooled
  • Digital keypad with digital display
  • Conveyor belt is made of heat-resistant, Teflon®-coated fiberglass
  • Driven by a reliable, heavy-duty, variable-speed AC Geared Motor
  • Rollers are crowned for positive belt tracking
  • Adjustable entry / exit openings
  • Air-cooled control cabinet ensures long life for electrical components
  • Circuit breakers allow easy reset
  • Low-profile design makes it easier to see over the dryer
  • Use of commercial Grade parts makes the sytem Durable
  • Fast curing rates and high product throughput maximize dryer capacity and
    minimize per-unit cost
  • Heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workplace.
  • Thyrister Intensity controller for perfect heating of substrate or ink.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Microprocessor self diagnostic system on each machine.

Technical Specifications

Curing Width10 inches / 250mm16 inches / 400mm25 inches / 750mm32 inches / 800mm45 inches / 1150mm52 inches / 1300mm
conveyor Belt Width12 inches / 305mm18 inches / 460mm28 inches / 715mm36 inches / 915mm50 inches / 1275mm56 inches / 1425mm
Belt Speed------------3 to 30 meter/min------------------
Oven Length------------5000 to 10000mm------------------
Weight------------600 Kgs------------------
Power Supply-----3 Phase----------
Control Panel-----Self Diagnostic Feature----------
Electrical Connection4 pole 32Amp4 pole 45Amp4pole 63Amp4pole 63Amp
Conveyer Motor1/2 HP1 Hp2HP5 HP

Conveyorised Dryer For Printing Applications